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"He was actually a chubby kid. He loved food and candies. Sometimes he’s a scatterbrain,  comes in late and keeps forgetting his stuff. But seriously - I’ve got nothing bad to say about him. You can always talk to him about anything. He’s the hardest working person I know.” (x)


Ball game? 

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6 Selfie Tag (I just took these like 5min ago because I didn’t have 6 recent selfies hahaha I’m such a loser)

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Beau always has something smart to say to jayson…

I totally forgot I agreed to go mini golfing tonight and I just ate like 5lbs of watermelon and cherries, and I only want to lie on the couch and watch PLL.


Great night to be @Finbars got to see Sidney Crosby!! Great night @penguins

Anonymous asked:

I don’t find it fishy, I find it sad. clearly that person spent a lot of time trying to research their lie, which is both scary and sad. The fact that people believe any of these “puck bunny” blogs is so unreal to me. People can be wayyy too gullible if they’re going to believe something so stupid.

Ok on another note, I’m not posting any more asks about this. If anyone wants to send an ask off anon, go for it. But I won’t be answering any more on the blog. And people, please be more skeptical in the future. This is the internet.