So after last night’s game I was feeling the Fleury support, and I made a penny with Flower’s face on it. I wish it had turned out better, but oh well. It was my first time trying to make something like that. I used an actual photo of a penny and retained some of the original lettering on it. Anyway, whatever, I just felt the need to explain why it isn’t as totally awesome as I wanted it to be haha

Happy Birthday, Kris!

Happy birthday, Kris Letang! :)

Game 5 is going to be huge. If the Pens can show they can shake off a disappointing loss and come back with their heads in the game and not have a meltdown, then they’ll have passed the first playoffs test. The playoffs are a marathon, and you have to show you’re able to overcome and stay focused. 

We can do this. Let’s Go Pens!

Flower made a couple rough mistakes tonight, and it was definitely his worst game of the series. I hope he’s able to shake it off and get the confidence back, because he’s going to need it the rest of the way. 

CBJ wins in OT, and the series is tied at 2. Once again the team that was up 3-1 loses with a final score of 4-3

Going to OT tied at 3

And Dubinsky scores with 22 seconds left to tie the game.