Penguins Players discuss their costumes.





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The 30 Members of the National Hockey League and their history.

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sid waving to all the kiddos at the open practice (x)
sid waving to all the kiddos at the open practice (x)

The KISS crew: Spaling, Bort, Beau & Martin

Tanger as the Mad Hatter & Maatta as the Cheshire Cat

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Best costume I’ve ever seen!

From the left; Nick Spaling, Beau Bennett, Robert Bortuzzo and Paul Martin.

Paul Martin, winner of the best Halloween costume idea. (x)

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everything wrong with official-nhl guy's post →


You probably saw it, but it’s here, and it’s stupid. After starting out with a weird bit that everyone already knows about social media (“it’s just like marketing…except that it’s…just like marketing” - real wise words), it gets pretty wacky in a hurry.

As an avid…


Lol official-nhl…

Big chunk of this hockey fandom you “created” weren’t even following your stupid ass blog.


I never even heard of this blog until yesterday? Someone’s god complex got a little out of hand I guess.